Varanda, San Marcos, CA

Varanda is all about the vibe. We want you to feel like you’re sitting in the backyard of our home, while enjoying a hearty meal that will leave your stomach and heart feeling warm. It’s really about the experience in its entirety; we are bringing you the history of Indus Valley culture in its rawest, most authentic form.

The vision for Varanda has never been about “fine-dining,” as that is a decaying concept with the rise of the millennial generation. We offer you an experience where the only expectation of the customer is to thoroughly vibe with our Varanda vibe.

The moment you enter our restaurant, you will be awestruck by the warmth and radiance of what feels like a foreign home. Varanda is a space that has been created to blend the cultures of South Asia into one unique experience; with backyard style seating, simple yet elegant decor, and custom-made tableware add to the overall experience. The earthy color scheme facilitates a calm environment while one is able to enjoy the spicy food. With desi music playing in the background to complete the aura, you will be willing to go miles to come and experience this atmosphere yet again, leaving all five of your senses stimulated and satisfied.